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Automotive Program Specialists

DMI Insurance Services, Inc.

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DMI Insurance Services, Inc.
Automotive Program Specialists
DMI is pleased to announce our new partnership with AXIS,
a global leader in specialty lines insurance offering a broad range  of commercial and personal lines coverages. AXIS is renowned for its highly experienced team and superior claims capabilities. Its operating subsidiaries are rated "A+" (Strong) by Standard & Poor's and "A+" (Superior) XV by A. M. Best reflecting its exceptional financial strength. We are expected to go live with AXIS in most states beginning June 1st effective dates. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact Neiman @ 408.465.2302
Unaccompanied Test Drives

Unaccompanied test drives sometimes occur in the used car dealer industry. Unfortunately, the associated risks of unaccompanied test drives are often overlooked and risk mitigation practices fail to get implemented, which may result in costly losses for insureds.

What are some risks associated with unaccompanied test drives?

  • Car buyers are more likely to drive recklessly in the absence of a representative. This abuse may cause damage to the insured’s inventory.
  • Car buyers are unfamiliar with the operation and handling of a different vehicle. Combined with a customer driving recklessly, the probability of an accident is exponentially increased.
  • In the event of a loss, the insured’s premium may be significantly increased or the policy may be non-renewed.
  • If a vehicle is stolen under the guise of an unaccompanied test drive, the insured will not be covered for this loss. This type of loss is defined as “trick” or “scheme”, which is not covered under the theft portion of their policy.

In the event an insured must allow unaccompanied test drives, advise him or her to implement the following practices to mitigate the chances of a loss:
  • Only allow individuals the insured is familiar with (i.e. friends, repeat customers, etc.) to take unaccompanied test drives.
  • Obtain a copy of the customer’s driver license and proof of insurance.
  • Have the individual sign a test drive agreement that indicates their insurance is primary.
  • Limit the distance and the duration of the test drive to 30 miles and 30 minutes.
  • Map out a specific route for the customer to take that the insured is familiar with.
DMI Quotes Are Getting A New Look!

DMI Insurance Services, Inc. is giving our quotes a new look. We will now be attaching a cover sheet to our quotes that will include the premium, service or policy fee (if applicable), and total. The quote page will only reflect the base premium. Please remember to check the cover page and always refer to it for total premiums and fees applicable to each quotation.

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